Macabre card game Gloom will pop its clogs on PC next spring

01 December 2017
Gloom-Screenshot-5-50626.png Gloom: Digital Edition
Includes online cross-platform multiplayer with instant bot replacement

Darkly comic card game Gloom is passing over to the other side. And by the other side, we of course mean digital.

Keith Baker’s popular game of families suffering tragedy after tragedy – from being pursued by poodles to being greeted by ghosts – before they finally experience the release of death is coming to PC via Steam next March.

A subsequent release on tablets is planned for later in 2018, with cross-platform multiplayer in the works.

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The app includes both a single-player mode and online multiplayer, with human player who quit matches being replaced instantly by computer-controller bots.

There’s also support for a friends list and chat, plus a karma system to stop matches being filled with frequent quitters.

Developing the Gloom app is Sky Ship Studios, which raised $77,000 to bring the game to digital on Kickstarter last summer.


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