Lucky Duck Games launch Kickstarter for three standalone Chronicles of Crime games

05 March 2020
Clean up Paris, one century at a time.

It’s been a good week for detectives. Earlier this week, Detective: Season One announced three new cases and now the award winning Chronicles of Crime series has launched a Kickstarter for three new standalone games. But there’s a twist, because what good detective story doesn’t have a twist? The new Chronicles of Crime: The Millenium Series follows the Lavel bloodline in Paris during the 1400s, 1900s, and 2400s.


The base Chronicles of Crime is a blend of boardgame, app, and virtual reality where players explore 3D crime scenes looking for clues, work the case, interrogate suspects, and cooperatively solve ‘who dunnit’. It received more than a dozen awards for its innovative design and ability to play a wide variety of different cases all built using its scannable suspects and locations. 


Previous expansions Noir and Welcome to Redview have changed up the gameplay in various ways by adding detective actions or character boards and taking the game to whole new themes. Both expansions received 8.0 or more on Board Game Geek which is a good sign that publisher Lucky Duck knows what it’s doing. 


Chronicles of Crime: 1400 returns to the original formula with experts that you can contact for help with objects and suspects but changes things up with ‘vision’ cards which will be interesting to see in practice. Most importantly though, you get a dog companion.

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Chronicles of Crime: 1900 ramps things up by tasking you with not only finding the murderer but also with completing escape room style puzzles as you go. 


And Chronicles of Crime: 2400 takes you to a dystopian future Paris where the digital world is as important as reality. Use your robotic Raven pet to scour the web and pick up cybernetics to improve your abilities.


Each game is standalone from each other and the base game and has already blasted past its funding goal and onto 400 percent.


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