Love Letter is getting a Lovecraft spin-off, because of course it is

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09 February 2017
pic3309591-39267.jpg Lovecraft Letter
Lovecraft Letter will introduce insanity mechanic

Lightweight favourite Love Letter has been reimagined with different themes plenty of times since it first appeared in 2012, but has somehow managed to avoid earning an obligatory Lovecraft spin-off – until now, that is.

Yes, joining the ranks of Batman Love Letter, Munchkin Loot Letter, Letters to Santa, Love Letter: The Hobbit, Love Letter: Star Wars, Adventure Time Love Letter and even Love Letter: Wedding Edition this year is Lovecraft Letter.

Swapping out the original game’s pursuit of a princess’ affections for the Lovecraftian staple of seeking dangerous knowledge, Lovecraft Letter will introduce a new insanity mechanic, which involves balancing the acquisition of more powerful cards with the potential risk of going mad and losing their mind (and therefore being eliminated).

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The latest take on Seiji Kanai’s popular format will also apply a light new story element, framing the game as the search for a missing cousin in one of Lovecraft’s favourite mysterious settings: Egypt.

Lovecraft Letter will feature 25 characters and objects from Lovecraft lore, plus sanity tokens and card sleeves. It’ll be out this summer.


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