Lorry rolls 200,000d6 after accidentally spilling $10,000 of dice on road

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19 September 2019
200000d6-45830.png Some of the spilled dice seen in the YouTube video
Failed saving throw

A lorry accidentally achieved the “largest unofficial dice roll in history” after spilling more than 200,000 dice on a US highway.

As per a video uploaded to YouTube by Trivium Games (thanks, Kotaku), the vehicle was carrying three palettes of six-sided dice made by Chessex for an upcoming tabletop game from the studio when it “took a turn a little too sharply”.

Half of the dice on the lorry were rolled across the road, making the roll a 216,000d6 throw – something the company gleefully dubbed “the largest unofficial dice roll in history”.

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The result? Well, going by Trivium’s maths, the average roll of two six-sided dice is seven, making the estimated total of 216,000 dice something around 756,000 – enough to pass even the toughest saving throw.

A less entertaining number for the company is the cost of the lost dice, which were said to be worth around $10,000 by the narrator of the YouTube video.

The video shows dice being literally shovelled into buckets in an effort to clear up the road, before the final die is collected – a perfect six, no less.


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