Lord of the Rings Anniversary Edition Available from Fantasy Flight

19 October 2020
One ring to rule them all, but a re-release of a board game to bind them

The Lord of the Rings: Board Game binds two great figures - J.R.R Tolkein, the legendary fantasy writer of the Hobbit, and Lord of the Rings (and many more), and Reiner Knizia, the designer of over 700 board games, and with it came this board game published in 2000. Then you add in the artwork of John Howe, and let's be honest, you're on to a winner. 

With the new anniversary edition being completed and available for purchase, you get the opportunity to enjoy the cooperative board game, but with a few welcome improvements along the way. Now, you'll play the same game, but find sculpted miniatures for the hobbits, Sauron, the threat die, and the One Ring. 


It's a game for up to four players as a cooperative board game, where you'll play through the entire trilogy of the game, "from the long darkness of Moria and the ferocious battles beneath the walls of Helm’s Deep, to the shadows of Shelob’s Lair and the dusty grey wastes of Mordor". You and your fellow hobbits will need to push through, battling the Dark Lord, going closer to the destruction of the one ring. The play time is between one and two hours, and is suitable for ages 14+.

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You can pick up the game directly from Fantasy Flight, through your Friendly Local Game Store, or through Amazon at £49.54.


And if you fancy entering into the Lord of the Rings world through a different game, you can also check out Lord the Rings: Journeys in Middle Earth which we rated a Must Play, and you can even pick it up directly through our game store


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