Like 7 Wonders? Your local game shop might have an exclusive leader card today

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07 July 2017
7_wonders-51712.jpg 7 Wonders
Promo released to celebrate seventh birthday of Antoine Bauza’s beloved card game

If you’re a fan of 7 Wonders, the ace card game about building up your ancient empire, it might be worth popping into your local game shop today.

That’s because the store may very well have an exclusive leader card for the game, released to mark the seventh anniversary of the 2010 title. On 7/7/2017, geddit?

There are only 4,000 copies of the Phryne promo card around the world, which features alternate art. Some shops will apparently be holding competitions to win a copy of the limited edition card.

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If you’re wondering (pun intended) who Phryne is, she was a Greek courtesan put on trial for her lack of piety and defended by famous speech writer Hypereides. The trial ended when Hypereides removed Phyrne’s robe, with her nudity convincing the judges they couldn’t sentence such a beautiful person to death. Those ancient Greeks, eh?


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