Letters from Whitechapel is getting a sequel, Whitehall Mystery

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12 June 2017
va102_layout-09070.png Whitehall Mystery
Standalone follow-up to Jack the Ripper hidden movement game includes support for companion app

Letters from Whitechapel is getting a full-blown standalone sequel later this year.

Whitehall Mystery sounds like it will build on the cat-and-mouse hunt of Gabriele Mari and Gianluca Santopietro’s Jack the Ripper-themed hidden movement hit, as two to four players (two fewer than Letters’ six-player cap) chase the real-life killer through London over four rounds (instead of Letters’ five).

The game adds three new investigators based on some of the real people who attempted to crack the infamously unsolved case, including journalist Jasper TC Waring and his dog Smoker, each with a special single-use talent that can be used during a gameplay variant.

The game focuses on Jack’s leaving of victims’ limbs around Whitechapel, choosing four secret locations, one of which marks his starting point, from which he must head to the others.

As in Letters, the investigators attempt to track the Ripper down by discovering clues and trying to force the killer into a corner before he reaches the next location or successfully takes 15 moves. The killer can also use special movement tiles to evade his pursuers as part of an optional rule to help balance the player’s chances against multiple detectives.

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Interestingly, Whitehall Mystery includes support for a companion app that randomises Jack’s discovery locations based on four difficulty levels – but you won’t need to use the app to play.

If you already own Letters from Whitechapel, false clues from the original game and this year’s Dear Boss expansion can be used in the upcoming sequel.

Whitehall Mystery is due for release this autumn.


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