Leder Games Sign for Hyperspace Smuggler

12 January 2021
With a pirate retheme

Leder Games has officially signed for Hyperspace Smuggler by Greg Loring-Albright, as confirmed in a tweet by Patrick Leder (@patrickleder). 

Hyperspace Smuggler was a light 2-4 player game, which takes around 60 minutes to play. The game puts you in the pilot seat of a space freighter, which you'll play as a tile-laying strategy game in a race to deliver cargo, with exploration and battling other players all part of the fun. There are some unique hyperspace movement mechanics involved, but when the game went to Kickstarter it unfortunately didn't achieve the funding goal set. 

This signing therefore makes it a great result for fans of the game who will see it brought to life, though the theme of the game will change, making it an "asymmetric adventure game about piracy, rebellion, smuggling, and control". With that, Leder Games have also said that it will have a new name, with a likely title of Ahoy, which is in keeping with the four-letter name pattern of Leder Games

Loring-Albright confirmed in a Kickstarter update "The theme will change, which I know will be a disappointment to some of you, but it's changing to a game of adventure on the high seas, which, if it can't be a space game, is still a pretty a good theme. I personally love pirate stuff -- indeed, Hyperspace Smuggler began life as a pirate game:"

The development will be provided by the Fort developer Nick Brachmann, and art by Kyle Ferrin, with Cole Wehrle project managing and providing senior design input. 

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Leder Games are of course well known for a number of games, from Root, Oath, Fort, and more, so its a welcome acquisition. 


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