Latest set of Red Beam’s Battle Vault collapsible MDF terrain heads to the Wild West

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05 April 2017
Dimension-West-Collapsible-Terrain-1-67653.jpg Dimension West
Dimension West kit suited for 32mm to 35mm titles such as Malifaux, Wild West Exodus and Dead Man’s Hand

Wargaming terrain maker Red Beam Designs has revealed its latest set of collapsible MDF scenery, which this time is themed around the American Wild West.

Red Beam’s Battle Vault range is built using a T-peg system, allowing the buildings and pieces to be assembled and disassembled, or split into smaller objects.

The upcoming Dimension West kit includes classic western buildings such as a saloon, clock tower, saddler, undertakers, mine entrance and hotel, plus scatter terrain such as trees, cacti, coffins and fencing panels.

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The set was apparently originally designed for use with Malifaux, but is compatible with any 32mm to 35mm miniatures wargame – obviously western and steampunk themes work best – such as Wild West Exodus and Deadn man’s Hand.

Seven buildings and 20 smaller terrain pieces made of 3mm MDF are include in the box, which will be released on April 6th at a price of £75.


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