Kushite Witch Hunters expansion brings (extra) spells and steel to Conan

15 November 2016
con08_productshot-45977.png The Kushite Witch Hunters expansion and Conan Dice Pack are due for release in 2017
Pack includes miniatures and unit tiles for Shubba, Shafiah, Ghayoor and Afari

Monolith’s crowdfunded Conan board game is out in the UK tomorrow after years of anticipation, but the publisher hasn’t waited around to announce some new expansions for the title.

The Kushite Witch Hunters add-on introduces four of the barbarian’s villains to the tabletop spin-off, whom the opposing overlord player can use to try and take down the group of heroes.

The baddies include the sorcerer Shubba and his warrior sidekicks Shafiah and Ghayoor, who make use of two orange dice to attack.

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The final character is Afari, who can counterattack multiple times during a turn when hit by any of the heroes.

All of the newcomers are represented in the set by a miniature and their respective unit tile.

Asmodee has also announced a custom dice pack for Conan, which includes two red, yellow and orange dice for attacks, spell-casting and other abilities.

Both the Kushite Witch Hunters expansion and Conan Dice Pack are planned for release at the start of 2017.


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