Krosmaster Arena’s second edition is out this week

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20 October 2016
gameplay_Image-59747.png Krosmaster 2.0 can be used with existing figures
2.0 includes eight characters from DOFUS spin-off movie

The second edition of anime-styled strategy board-card game hybrid Krosmaster Arena is hitting shelves tomorrow.

That’s the news from publisher Ankama, which has sprung the release date details of the follow-up to its 2012 release alongside a slew of information about the revised version.

Included in the set are eight new figures based on the animated movie spin-off to the company’s online video game DOFUS, which come full painted. Existing Krosmaster figures can be used with the new version of the game, which also comes with 20 3D scenery elements.

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Krosmaster can be played by up to four players in a variety of game modes, from team battles to free-for-all brawls. Players take turns moving their fighters around the board and spending action points to attack their rivals with a combination of weapons, spells and powers, aiming to KO their opponents over the approximately hour play time.

Krosmaster Arena 2.0 is due out tomorrow, Friday October 21st, and will cost $70 in the US. A UK price is yet to be confirmed.


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