Knight Models unveils Spider-Man Miniature Game

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18 December 2015
spiderman-84758.jpg Spider-Man
New Marvel game inspired by the hugely popular Batman Miniature Game

After a few weeks of speculation, Knight Models has finally officially unveilved its new game inspired by characters from Marvel comics. Spider-Man Miniature Game is based on the hugely popular Batman Miniature Game but will feature characters such as the webslinger and his arch rvival Green Goblin. Just like the Batman edition, each of the famous characters will lead their own crew of minions into battle.

Here's the press release from Knight: "We're glad to introduce you Spider-Man Miniature Game! An expansion annexed to the BMG rules based on your favorite Web-slinger! With these rules you will be able to build a crew with the most famous heroes and the worst maniacs from New York City! In addition to the new releases, old heroes and villains will join the ranks of the new crews and gangs! You can find them exclusively at our webstore and freely download the rules and character cards."

You can already download the rules for free from the Knight Models website and print out your own stat cards. We'll have more on the Spider-Man Miniature Game and an exclusive interview with Knight Models in the next issue of Tabletop Gaming magazine. Excelsior!

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