Kingdomino is the next board game hit to get a roll-and-write spin-off

07 June 2019
kingdomino-duel-04272.png Kingdomino Duel
Roller ruler

Bruno Cathala’s Spiel des Jahres-winning tile-laying hit Kingdomino is spinning out into a roll-and-write game later this year.

Kingdomino Duel is the second standalone follow-up to Kingdomino, after 2017’s slightly more complex Queendomino, which added buildings to the mix and could be used as an expansion for the original game for bigger boards or more players. A Kingdomino expansion, Age of Giants, was released last year, adding extra dominoes, giant tokens and enough stuff for a fifth person to play.

As the name suggests, Kingdomino Duel is a two-player-only affair. Like in Kingdomino and Queendomino, the players are completing a grid of dominos to score points – the trick here is that the dominos are created by rolling two dice, which combine into a single ‘tile’ to draw on the board. 

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Also new to the gameplay are spells gained from wizards, which trigger special abilities for each player. 

Kingdomino Duel plays in around 20 minutes – making it closer to its namesake than the slightly longer Queendomino – and will be released at Gen Con this August.


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