Kickstarter Round Up – Board Games, Tabletop Games, RPGs on 13th October 2021

13 October 2021
Unlucky 13 for some, but not for us it seems!

Once again we're casting our eye over Kickstarter, and seeing what catches it. It seems to be the week for RPG's, which perhaps is no surprise given Free RPG Day is just a few days away! That aside, there's plenty to catch your attention, so be sure to let us know which ones you've got your own eye on. 

Our Haunt by Jamila R. Nedjadi

Described as "A creepy-cozy TTRPG about a found family of ghosts and their haunted home", this game comes to us from the same publishing group (Possom Creek Games) who brought us Wanderhome, which is listed as one of the inspirations. It's based on the Belonging Outside Belonging system, is rules-light, with no dice, no masters, just tokens and community play. You'll make your character, a ghost of differing types, create your haunted house, and then explore, discovering memories of the past, tussling with the living, and supporting each other in this strange world. 

Is it funded? Yes

What’s the pledge to get a copy? $25 (about £19) for a physical copy

When does it end? Tuesday, November 2nd 2021

Where is it? Wander to a Haunted Home here

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Apawthecaria: A Poultice Pounder Adventure 

Created by Brian Tyrell, known for Dungeons on a Dime, and Anna Blackwell, who you may recognise as a contributor to Tabletop Gaming Magazine, but also creator in her own right of games such as DELVE, comes Apawthecaria, a game which explores the gameplay of Apothecaria, with the post human animal-centric setting of Scurry. Create your character, then plan your adventure, with encounters along the way, foraging for ingredients, and diagnosing and curing ailments along the way. 


Is it funded? Yes

What’s the pledge to get a copy? £15 for a print and PDF copy

When does it end? Friday, October 29th 2021

Where is it? Potions for Possums

ATLAS - Tabletop Battle Maps & Encounter Cards for DnD 5e 

If you're backing all the RPGs on Kickstarter, this is worth a look at too. This offers a little of everything you might need for a perfect tabletop RPG encounter, now that it feels more and more normal to meet up in person. That's not to say you can't pick up the maps on Roll20 (it's an option within the campaign for those of us whose groups are geographically challenged!), but from huge printed maps, to encounter cards, to reusable stickers, you're upgrading your table before you even start. 


Is it funded? Yes

What’s the pledge to get a copy? £30 for the first tier 

When does it end? Tuesday, November 9th 2021

Where is it? Level up the tabletop


Architects assemble! Part puzzle, part game, this is a fun attempt to assemble the perfect cube from impossibly shaped Tetris like pieces. With a number of ways to play, the option to change difficulty, and progression awards that can unlock additional pieces, there's a lot to enjoy about this stacking game. 

We got to take a look at it in the video below. 

Is it funded? Not Yet

What’s the pledge to get a copy? NOK420 (About £36)

When does it end? Tuesday, November 9th 2021

Where is it? Be Square

Birdwatcher – The Board Game 

Whilst birdwatching is somewhat of a peaceful hobby, this game sees the competition get fierce amongst photographers – lure birds to the tree, take photos, and publish your findings, aiming to get the most citation points to become Nature Photographer of the Year.

Is it funded? Not Yet

What’s the pledge to get a copy? $39 (about £29)

When does it end? Saturday, October 30th 2021

Where is it? Find your Golden Oriole

Tome of Spell Holding 

Making it easy to track spells in your game, the Tome of Spell Holding offers 22 poker style chips – one for every spell slot the caster has. Prepare them at the beginning of the adventures day, and then return them when a spell is used. It makes it clear what's available, whilst also offering a satisfying visual. There are multiple designs available, plus the options to add on condition chips. 

Is it funded? Yes

What’s the pledge to get a copy? £20

When does it end? Monday, November 8th 2021

Where is it? Cast fireball the appropriate amount of times



Paint the Roses 

Journey down the rabbit hole and into Wonderland as a gardener serving the Queen of Hearts. You'll need to tend to the rose garden, and of course the ever-changing whims of the Queen in colour preference, so that you might keep your head. It's a cooperative logic deduction game that will have you strategising for each of the random whims that are presented. 


Is it funded? Yes

What’s the pledge to get a copy? $30 (About £23)

When does it end? Thursday, November 11th 2021

Where is it? Don't be late!



Age of Sails and Dice

UK based Terratop Worshop are going one up from ships in bottles, and instead, placing them inside dice. With inspiration from the Age of Sail, this Kickstarter offers dice and dice sets in gorgeous colours, with each being handmade and lovingly created. 

When we were able to take a look at them, we couldn't resist a video to show them off too!


Is it funded? Yes

What’s the pledge to get a copy? £72 for a set of seven

When does it end? Thursday, November 11 2021 

Where is it? X marks the spot!




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