Kharnage to cause more chaos with the Tricks and Mercenaries army expansion

20 April 2017
khr03_box_left-37808.png Kharnage: Tricks and Mercenaries
Set adds units for the existing factions, as well as the new Kradwallon deck

Kharnage is a fast-paced bloodbath that’s about to get a whole lot bloodier with a newly-unveiled upcoming expansion.

Tricks and Mercenaries brings a host of new units for the existing drawf, human, goblin and orc factions in the army-battling card game, including the intriguingly-named Princess Furiosa, who we can only assume (read: hope) is a homage to Mad Max: Fury Road.

The real bulk of the set, though, is in the titular cards which are shuffled together into the new Kradwallon, which sits apart from the main battleground and acts as a neutral draw deck for all players.

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Any player with the opportunity can pull a card from the deck, which could be either a trick or – you guessed it – a mercenary.

Tricks are one-off events that change up the flow of combat, offering the chance to ignore shields, reduce incoming attacks, override your current initative and more.

Meanwhile, the mercs are characters that join your forces at the frontline, lending their power to an attack.

Tricks and Mercenaries will be out for Kharnage in autumn.


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