Jurassic Park dungeon-crawling board game The Chaos Gene officially cancelled, replaced by Unmatched sets

23 July 2019
unmatched-jurassic-park-79542.jpg Unmatched: Jurassic Park - InGen vs. Raptors
Life finds a way

Jurassic Park: The Chaos Gene, the upcoming dungeon-crawling board game based on the classic movie, has gone the way of the dinosaurs.

The Chaos Gene was announced back in 2018 by Mondo, the studio behind The Thing game Infection at Outpost 31, and slated for release that autumn in time for the film’s 25th anniversary this year.

At the time, it was described as being a scenario-based dungeon-crawler with plenty of miniatures, four asymmetric factions and a mixture of exploration and different faction-based objectives.

Following a period of radio silence on the project in the months after its announcement and its sudden removal from BoardGameGeek’s database – where its page now redirects to ‘Unpublished Prototype’ – fans began to express concern that the game had been scrapped.

Now, Mondo has officially confirmed that The Chaos Gene has been cancelled, saying that the game is “no longer in development”.

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It’s not all bad news, however. The announcement of The Chaos Gene’s demise came as part of a reveal of three Jurassic Park expansions for Unmatched, the upcoming pop culture battle royale game in the works from Mondo and Fireball Island studio Restoration Games, that 'replace' the dropped project.

The first Jurassic Park set for Unmatched will be InGen vs. Raptors, which adds a human faction and pack of Jurassic Park’s terrifying Velociraptors to the card-driven combat game.

Two more expansions will follow in 2020. Sattler vs. T-Rex brings Dr. Sattler and Dr. Ian Malcolm to Unmatched alongside the towering Tyrannosaurus, while Dr. Alan Grant arrives by himself in a solo pack.

The sets will include individual decks for each of the characters, as well as game boards that both recreate locations from the movie and can be put together to form custom arenas.

The Jurassic Park sets join a litany of pop culture big-hitters announced for Unmatched so far, including Robin Hood, Bigfoot, Alice in Wonderland, King Arthur, Sinbad, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Bruce Lee, Dracula and Sherlock Holmes – all of whom will be able to face off against Jurassic Park’s dinos. The first Unmatched sets are due for release this August.


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