Judge Dredd: The Cursed Earth is an adventure card game starring the 2000 AD comic book icon

29 November 2017
pic3860395-70816.png Judge Dredd: The Cursed Earth
Based on this year’s The Lost Expedition

Comic book dispenser of justice Judge Dredd will deliver his unique style of karmic retribution on the tabletop in an upcoming card game due out next year.

Judge Dredd: The Cursed Earth is based on Peer Sylvester’s design for this year’s very excellent card game The Lost Expedition and is described similarly as a ‘graphic adventure card game’ with co-op, competitive and solo modes.

While The Lost Expedition was inspired by the real-life search to find the Lost City of Z, The Cursed Earth is set in the comic-book locale of Mega City One and instead sees players leading a team of judges into the dangerous wastelands outside Dredd’s home turf.

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“I’m a huge fan of The Lost Expedition, and from early in development it felt like the best example I’ve seen of a board game capturing the tone of a comic book,” explained Cursed Earth developer Duncan Molloy, who has adapted the system from Sylvester’s design.

“To be able to pair the system with one of the most interesting and detailed comic book worlds ever devised has been a joy. Judge Dredd: The Cursed Earth will feature entirely new mechanics, such as radiation tracking and psychic abilities, to really capture the feel of Dredd’s world.”

Rather than reusing art from the many Dredd comics already out there, The Cursed Earth will feature new illustrations specifically created for the game and include cameos from other 2000 AD characters – plus dinosaurs and mutants roaming the wastes.

It’s far from the only outing for Dredd and the 2000 AD roster on the way, with both a new roleplaying game and miniatures game based on the long-running comic already confirmed to be in development.


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