It's the end for Zombies – Mantic Ends The Walking Dead Miniatures

06 April 2022
Five years from its inception

All good things must come to an end, and Mantic's The Walking Dead game is no different. With a wealth of miniatures, the tactical head-to-head wargame used the popular franchise of The Walking Dead, bringing mainstream culture onto the tabletop in a popular game designed by Mark Latham. 

Since the initial agreement between Mantic and Skybound, seven waves of story arc were released in the five years that brings it to today, covering huge plots – Atlanta, the Prison, The Governor and Negan and more. There was not just All Out War, but the board game Here's Negan, and Call to Arms, of which you may be familiar, covering your favourite ways to play. 

These featured a range of miniatures that showcased each of the major characters within their character development, as well as many minor characters and those with only cameos. 

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However, as the story arch has come to an end, Mantic and Skybound have decided to call an end to the miniatures game, which took affect at the end of March. As of now, there is no purchasable content for The Walking Dead available on the Mantic Games website. 

"As we all know a game never really dies, it just stops getting new releases! I for one have fond memories of this game, and a collection of painted minis to go with it – and sure that there will still remain some committed die-hard fans who will continue to write new scenarios, build excellent gaming tables and organise tournaments for a good few years yet to come." said Ronnie Renton, CEO of Mantic.

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