It’s Judgement Day for Terminator 2 board game T2029

25 September 2017
e471b86f49d21b25e8df8a0a02faa6ad_original-67761.jpg T2029
First game by Vinhos, Lisboa and The Gallerist artist Ian O’Toole

Chill out, dickwad: Terminator 2 board game T2029 has gone live on Kickstarter.

The movie spin-off is the debut design by Ian O’Toole, who previously found tabletop fame as the acclaimed artist behind games including Vinhos, Lisboa and The Gallerist. Unsurprisingly, O’Toole also turned his talents to the game’s graphic design.

Taking place during the series’ War of the Machines, T2029 sees players trying to fight back the robotic forces of Skynet in order to buy time for human resistance leader John Connor to hack into the central command and send Arnie’s T-800 back to 1995 to fight against the shapeshifting T-1000, setting in motion the events of the 1991 sequel to James Cameron’s legendary action flick.

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Up to four players roll and assign dice to deploy and issue orders to their troops, attacking Skynet’s defence grid and battling against Terminators and flying Hunter Killers across the main battlefield.

T2029 is being published by Hand of Fate studio Rule & Make, which is looking for AU$50,000 (£29,500) to bring it to life.

The campaign runs until October 25th, where you can pick up the game for AU$87 (£51).


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