It looks like Asmodee has officially acquired F2Z Entertainment

25 October 2016
asmodee-logo-24739.jpeg F2Z has been rebranded as Asmodee Canada, according to the documents
Z-Man, Plaid Hat and Pretzel parent rebranded as Canadian arm of publishing giant

Publishing supergroup Asmodee has secured the purchase of fellow publisher F2Z Entertainment, if documents reportedly shared by F2Z business partners are to be believed.

BoardGameGeek posted an announcement from two anonymous F2Z associates seemingly released by F2Z, revealing that the Canadian publisher and distributor would be rebranded as Asmodee Canada – suggesting the resolution of discussions begun back in July concerning the firm’s acquisition.

If true, it means that F2Z – the parent of studios including Z-Man, Plaid Hat, Pretzel and Filosofia Editions and therefore the company behind acclaimed games including Pandemic, Seafall, Dead of Winter and Flick ‘Em Up – joins Fantasy Flight Games, Days of Wonder, Space Cowboys and Catan Studio, among others, under the Asmodee umbrella of games outlets.

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According to the same BGG post, citing an ‘informed source’, a full announcement and details of the deal will be released later this week – even now, it looks pretty certain that Asmodee has sealed the deal and obtained a major boost to its already bulging catalogue.


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