Issue 420 of Miniature Wargames is on the horizon. What nuggets does it offer?

05 March 2018
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We take a look at the new April issue of MWG.
Issue 420 of Miniature Wargames is on the horizon. What nuggets does it offer? Images

The editor takes a trip to York to bring the readers a photo report from the Vapnartak 2018 show.

Part two of the Victorio Campaign with its guide to the Apache Wars in the Old West from 1870 to 1876 by Robert Watt. This time it’s the Chihuahua State Militia, Navajo & Pueblo Scouts, U.S. Infantry, Texas Rangers, U.S. Civilian Volunteers & Scouts, Navajo & Pueblo Scouts, the Fourth & Sixth Cavalry regiments and the Apache Scout Companies.

Hell by Daylight: A set of rules for 20th Century Skirmish gaming by Jim Webster. This time it’s Air support and hand-to-hand close combat! (Part 3 of 4).

Outremer: Fight the Crusades with the new Outremer: Faith and Blood rules by Osprey are about to be released and we have a unique scenario written by the author of the rules.

In his regular Send Three and Fourpence column, All hail the late King of Ruritainia! Mr Kinch takes an ill advised trip in the midst of a civil war and displays some very pretty 40mm flats in the process.

Jason & The Argonauts: rules and suggestions for playing this cinematic legend on a truly epic scale: 1/6th with other ideas for different – and more sensible – scales

Command Decision: Pyrenees: July 1813 - another wargames poser by Jon Sutherland.

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Wargames Widow: Diane Sutherland builds dusty roads and makes sure that they don’t slip around on the table top.

For reviews we have Fantasy Facts: The usual sensor sweep of the latest news in F&SF gaming with releases from North Star; Ground Zero Games; CP Models; Atlantis Miniatures and Brigade; Forward Observer with (mostly) historical reviews of Warlord, Rubicon and more.

PLUS! Get your FREE copy of Salute 2018 Show Guide - a 48 page guide to everything that you need to know.

Finally we have Recce for thirteen book reviews. And the free Club Directory!

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