Ironclads Launches on Kickstarter! | SPONSORED POST

20 December 2021
UK games publisher Triple Ace Games, known for their highly commended RPGs,
Ironclads Launches on Kickstarter! | SPONSORED POST Images

UK games publisher Triple Ace Games, known for their highly commended RPGs, has taken an exciting step into tabletop miniature gaming with Ironclads: Space Battles in the Victorian Aether. Ironclads is a ship-to-ship tactical battle game in which players take on the role of admirals commanding entire fleets of incredible aether navigating battleships.

The game is set in a fantastical Victorian steampunk universe in which incredible advances in technology have occurred. The Great Powers are forging new ambitions, heading into the aether with their fleets of mighty aether ships known as ironclads. Conflict is never far away and battles are commonplace among the stars. Ironclads is a game that delivers an immersive experience as players battle each other for supremacy.

Ironclads is fully 3D printable at home and makes use of the latest advances in resin printers. These are proving to be highly popular with many hobbyists. When the game is released, every backer will be given the miniatures in the form of printable files. This approach allows each player flexibility to print as many warships as they wish. Every part of the game is printable except the six-sided dice and the small neodymium magnets required for the game. These magnets are used to switch out the weapons giving you different ironclad designs in seconds. The game rules allow ironclads to be easily customised with numerous weapons.

Lead designer Robin Elliott explains his vision for Ironclads:

“I want Ironclads to be a game that people immerse themselves in. The setting is so rich as the game world originates from our popular Leagues of Adventure RPG. With gameplay that is slick and fast, I hope to deliver a game that we can build on for the next decade, with new factions, miniatures, and exciting new armaments.”

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Playing a game of Ironclads couldn’t be easier! You move and steer the warships with a unique octagonal flight template, with the speed of individual ironclads determined by their propulsion value. Firing the guns is an interactive experience, as they use magnets to control their firing arc. Couple this with a unique command token system, which allows you to give orders to your vessels in battle, the entire system is designed to be very intuitive.

The Ironclads Kickstarter is now live and the game will be released to backers in late spring 2022.

For more information and game details, including a rulebook, please check out the Kickstarter here.

Triple Ace Games was formed in 2008 by Robin Elliott and Paul “Wiggy” Wade-Williams. They have produced many tabletop games, including Rocket Race, Cadaver, Halfling Feast, and Dwarven Beerfest, as well as critically acclaimed roleplaying games such as Hellfrost, Necropolis 2350, Leagues of Adventure, Leagues of Gothic Horror, and the award-winning All For One: Regime Diabolique and Leagues of Cthulhu.


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