Iron Harvest is a new video game set in the same alt-history universe as Scythe

04 November 2016
iron_harvest-71920.jpeg Iron Harvest takes place in the same alt-history 1920s setting as Scythe
Both the acclaimed tabletop title and the upcoming RTS were inspired by Jakub Różalski’s 1920+ series of illustrations

Video game developer King Art has announced Iron Harvest, a PC, PS4 and Xbox One title set in the same alternate-history universe as Stonemaier Games’ lauded strategy board game Scythe.

The upcoming real-time strategy game, which is scheduled for release in 2018, and Scythe both take place in the world of 1920+, a version of post-World War I Europe where mechs and dieselpunk technology have revolutionised the world.

The setting was created first by Polish artist Jakub Różalski, who posted a series of images depicting towering robots and fuel-powered machines working in rural Eastern Europe back in 2014 under the name ‘1920+’.

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Despite the shared universe, Stonemaier is not involved with the development of Iron Harvest. However, the company is working with video games studio Knights of Unity to create a digital version of Scythe, planned for release next year.

Scythe was a massive hit when it was released earlier this year, and has quickly climbed into various ‘Game of the Year’ lists and even BoardGameGeek’s all-time top rankings.

Issue 7 of Tabletop Gaming features an interview with designer Jamey Stegmaier looking at the game’s rocketing success – pre-order your copy now!


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