Introducing Langskip on Kickstarter! SPONSORED POST

27 July 2021
A travel-sized bluffing game where you use the power of the gods to compete against other Vikings to be sent to Valhalla!
Introducing Langskip on Kickstarter! SPONSORED POST Images

Langskip is a Viking themed 2-4 player bluffing and racing game. You play as a Viking who has been mistakenly sent to the realm of Helheim, usually reserved for those who died dishonourably. It becomes a race to Asgard before your fellow Vikings to convince Odin that you should be allowed entry into the glorious golden halls of Valhalla! Mechanically speaking, the first player to space "20" on the board is the winner. 

In Langskip, you will always have two Norse God cards in your hand. These range from Loki and Thor to Fenrir and Jormungandr. You play every single card face down. Most cards you play will say "Move X, and…". However, you can lie about which card you played, which is the real core of Langskip. So, instead of telling the truth and saying, "I played a Valkyrie", and you just move one space up the board, you could say, "I played Odin" and move three spaces and look at a player's hand (however, there is only one Odin card in the game, so if someone already has Odin in their hand then this could be risky!). 

Your aim is always to move the most up the board, but you may also want to lie about cards that are useful in other ways as well, like Frigg, who can force a player to discard a Mischief token. Speaking of, if you lie successfully, you gain a Mischief Token, and if you successfully call someone out on lying, you also gain a Mischief Token. Mischief Tokens are used to make certain cards better, ultimately changing the game for any player, no matter where they are on the board. For example, if you play Loki and have the most Mischief tokens, you can move five spaces up the board!

Now, let's get straight to why people love Langskip and why they think it's fun and exciting. 

To compare Langskip to another game, the nearest is most likely Coup. The "Hairy Game Lords" said, "It's got that Coup feel without that player elimination, which is a biggie for me; I like that a lot". 

Also, as you can probably guess, a bunch of other reviewers have gotten their hands on Langskip, some of which state that it's:

"The perfect gateway game"- Ordinary_Board_Gamer,

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"[You can] learn this game quite fast" - Jendersgaming; and

"Langskip is a game you will find your friends (and) family eager to replay" - Board's Eye View. 

And that's just the tip of the iceberg! People love how quick it plays, how replayable it is and how fast you can learn it! If that sounds like something of interest to you, consider backing Langskip on Kickstarter at just £15! It is estimated to arrive to backers in time for Christmas!

Game: Langskip

Designer: Niall Crabtree

Artist: Caitlin Gledhill

Publisher: Crab Studios

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