Inis designer heads to the funfair in next game Trool Park

19 October 2018
trool-park-59263.png Trool Park
Due later this year

The latest game from the creator of Celtic strategy gem Inis is a bright, lighthearted trip to an amusement park.

Christian Martinez co-designed Trool Park alongside Frédéric Vuagnat, with the game combining elements of tile drafting and placement in its head-to-head funfair-building competition.

Players pick new features for their park from a common pool of attractions, juggling excitement, entertainment and food to impress journalists that rate the parks at the end of each round.

The gameplay allows players to build their park around one of the characteristics, or try and achieve balance between them all, while dealing with the impact of weather on visitor numbers – the most popular park wins, obviously.

Martinez has described the gameplay as lighter than Inis, with its complexity skewing closer to his breezy play-performing game Histrio.

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Trool Park is planned for release later in 2018 by Krosmaster studio Ankama. Two to four people can play, with a playthrough taking around 45 minutes.

Check out a runthrough of the rules below:


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