Humble Bundle is offering Wargame and Board Game Miniature files from 75p

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19 January 2021
Let's be honest, that quid isn't going in the trolley at the moment, so why not on a miniature or two?

We've covered Humble Bundle a few times in the past, but it's difficult not to when they offer some really great priced options for a wide range of areas in the hobby. If you're unfamiliar with them, Humble Bundle offers bundles of digital content at significantly reduced prices. Some of the money goes to the creators, to charity, and to Humble Bundle itself, meaning not only do you get a huge discount in the RRP, but it's for a good cause too. 

This week they're offering a Board Games & Wargaming 3D Printable Miniatures bundle, with digital files to print 3D miniatures created by Highcraft Miniatures, so include content like Pirate Toads, Hibashi Orcs, and Savage Forest.

Within the bundle, you can pay what you like to receive a different level of content. For example, at the lowest cost, you'd need only play 79p to gain the Cook from pirate Saga, the Defender (below) from the Hibashi Orc Clan, and Paw from Savage Forest. 

The next bundle is at the average of £12.31, and for that cost you'll receive all of the above, plus a Scorpion, Snake, and Spider from Savage Forest, a Bomber, and Swordsman from Pirate Saga, a Fighter from the Habashi Orc Clan, and a Fort Dwarf statue and Fort Wall A from the Orc den. 

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For £15.03, you'll unlock all of the above, plus a Bard, Fake Captain, Real Captain, Digger, Barman, Mage, and a North sea bases pack from pirate saga, a Bud and Cactus from Savage Forest, a Blacksmith, Beserk, Warrior, and Shaman from the Habashi Orc Clan, and a Fort Statue Animal (Boar), Weapon Stand C, Fort Statue Necro, Fort Wall C, Fort Corner, Fort Wall B, Weapon Stand B, Weapon Stand A, Big Boom Canon, and a Fort shield Skull from the Orc Den.

The bundle value is $200 at retail price, but will only be available for a short period of time, where you have around eight days to purchase before the bundle is removed. The files are an STL format, for you to then print using an SLA technology printer. 

You can find this bundle over on Humble Bundle by clicking here

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