Hour of Need Looks Like It Is In No Need Of Back Up

07 November 2019
Superhero action game Hour of Need Kickstarter nearly fully backed

For those who don’t have enough superheroes in their life, Blacklist Games have answered the sigil you lit up the sky with.

With 18 days to go Hour of Need is funded to £66,000 of its £78,049 goal (as of the time of writing).

The game is one of cooperative comic antics with bizarrely dressed heroes interrupting the industrious business of the local villain community.

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The game uses the same modular deck system as the other Sadler brothers games Street Master and Alter Quest. We covered the announcement of the new superhero jaunt previously

Each hero has a an individual (and lovingly created) miniature and deck, to really brings each character to life. The game hopes to tell the pulpy stories we are now so familiar with through an entirely original world.

The kickstarter offers several tiers from the very affordable two-players version to a six-player version for more epic conflicts. Head over to the Hour of Need Kickstarter to see if it’s time for you to help clean up New Crown City.


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