Hop a ride on the Orient Express, the European sequel to rail-layer 20th Century Limited

05 April 2017
pic2881278-89387.jpg Orient Express
Thunder Alley designers Carla and Jeff Horger return

Carla and Jeff Horger, the game design pair behind Ticket to Ride-meets-TransAmerica railroad-building title 20th Century Limited, have returned with a follow-up to the 2015 release.

As in 20th Century Limited, the aim in Orient Express is to construct a network of railways across the continent – only this time it’s Europe.

Again, there is a historical framing to the game, with players racing to build some of Europe’s most famous travel routes during the railroad boom, including the titular journey.

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There’s the added complication of dealing with local governments, who will nationalise finished railways and force players to begin again in new locations.

Orient Express is expected to play a little longer than 20th Century Limited’s one-hour game time, coming in between 45 minutes and an hour and a half.

It’ll be published later this month by Rio Grande.


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