HeroQuest is Coming to the UK!

08 October 2020
Fans rejoice!

Fans of the iconic 1980's roleplaying adventure HeroQuest from this side of the pond were suitably disappointed when it seemed that its launch would be the US only. Although that never made it entirely unreachable, the news that it'll be making its way here without the need to pay international shipping charges is hugely welcome, and thankfully, now confirmed!


Described as an 'epic high-fantasy role-playing board game', it'll be available to purchase from online retailer Zavvi, and will be published by Avalon Hill, who are a subsidiary of Hasbro. The updated version will now contain new art, premium miniature figures, and exclusive quest books. 


The game itself was relaunched through Hasbro's crowdfunding platform, and whilst it exceeded its shipping goal, orders made by UK fans will also contribute to its crowdfunding total. Within this, therefore, we'll be able to pre-order through Zavvi the equivalent of the Mythic tier.

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This is priced at £149.99, and includes the full HeroQuest core game system. This includes 71 highly detailed character and furniture miniatures, an exclusive Sir Ragnar miniature, two expansion packs (Return of the WitchLord, Kellar's Keep), two exclusive figures (Mentor and The WitchLord) and the potential for more through additional tier unlocks. 

As shown by Zavvi, most of those tier unlocks are already set to be included:

  • Goal 1 — Warlock Hero by Shauna Nakasone (UNLOCKED)
  • Goal 2 — 6 Extra Combat Dice (UNLOCKED)
  • Goal 3 — 2 Extra Skeletons (UNLOCKED)
  • Goal 4 — 2 Extra Goblins (UNLOCKED)
  • Goal 5  Quest Book by Stephen Baker (Prophecy of Telor)

It's been out of print for around 30 years, so it's certainly caught the interest of fans. You can pre-order/pledge with Zavvi, with shipping set for Fall of 2021. 

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