Here's Star Wars’ Daisy Ridley confirming her love for Werewolf (even though she’s bad at it) on the red carpet

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10 November 2017
daisy-ridley-33635.png Daisy Ridley
'It's a great game!'

After recently being revealed as a fan of social deduction classic Werewolf, Star Wars actor Daisy Ridley has taken the opportunity to reiterate her obsession – on the red carpet, no less.

In a short YouTube video, of which the quality could be generously described as ‘crappy’ at best, Ridley is asked by a clearly bemused reporter, “Everyone’s thinking: what is this Werewolf game? I need to play it.”

“It’s a great game,” she responds. “It’s also called Mafia.”

“It is a great game!” the interviewer replies, before adding something that sounds to us like: “I’d never heard of it before.”

As far as we can tell, the premiere was for Murder on the Orient Express, during which the all-star cast was recently revealed to have played Werewolf every Friday during their off time after being introduced to the game by fellow actor Penelope Cruz and her husband Javier Bardem.

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Among those said to have joined in with the evenings of bluffing and accusation were Josh Gad, Leslie Odom Jr., Olivia Colman, Michelle Pfeiffer and Willem Dafoe, along with guest players Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard and JJ Abrams.

Funnily enough, Ridley admitted during the same Entertainment Weekly interview that she was the worst player of the bunch, with Gad joking: “She was terrible at it. You could tell that Daisy was a werewolf the second she opened her mouth. You could tell she wasn’t a werewolf the second she opened her mouth.

“She’s not very good at keeping secrets other than Star Wars secrets, apparently.”


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