Hellboy board game heats up Kickstarter

26 April 2018
pic4087755-73210.jpg Hellboy
Due for release next February

The co-op board game based on comic book series Hellboy has hit Kickstarter.

The game – taken straight from Mike Mignola’s original comics rather than the later movie adaptations – is more akin to the mystery-driven narratives of Mansions of Madness than the action-orientated comic-book adaptations of Batman and Conan, as players move around grid-based map tiles to track down clues to solve each case and stop the impending end of the world.

The combat is driven by custom dice, with each Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defence agent able to execute special abilities and boost their skills with equipment.

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The ‘Deck of Doom’ presents randomised events each turn, from the appearance of extra enemies to other special occurrences, leading up to a confrontation with each scenario’s boss.

The £70 core box comes with 105 PVC miniatures, including heroes Abe Sapien, Liz Sherman, Johann Kraus and Hellboy himself, 18 minions, and three bosses: Rasputin, a tentacle monster and a giant frog creature. Stretch goals have since added extra goodies and baddies, including Hecate and Linmensch, plus BPRD agents Roger and Trevor Bruttenholm – plus a monkey wielding a gun. Naturally.

It’s already made over half a million pounds on Kickstarter, where its campaign will run until May 25th. The game itself is due for release next February, with a number of expansions confirmed to follow.

You can find out more about Hellboy and read our exclusive interview with the game’s creator – and former DreadBall, Blood Bowl and Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower designer - James M. Hewitt in the April issue of Tabletop Gaming, out now.


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