Heading down to Tabletop Gaming Live a little early? Game from the 16th with Fan Boy Three!

15 August 2022
Get your pre-game on at Fanboy Three, Free with your ticket to Tabletop Gaming Live!

Tabletop Gaming Live, a weekend celebration of all things tabletop gaming, is taking place on the 17th & 18th of September 2022 in Manchester, at the historic Victora Warehouse. We're incredibly excited to host over a hundred exhibitors, a number of workshops, and an open gaming area (and bar) that we'll keep running until midnight.

For the price of your ticket you also gain access to Fan Boy Three on the Friday as a pre-gaming space. Want to warm up your Catan skills before meeting a friend on the Saturday? All this and more is there for you between 12noon to 10pm on the 16th of September 2022.

That means you can begin your weekend of tabletop gaming goodness a day sooner, all the while being amidst a friendly local game store in the heart of Manchester. Part FLGS, part Board Game Cafe, part organised play centre, Fan Boy Three is an unmissable visit as a board game fan in Manchester. 

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For an idea of what to expect, you can take a look at our TikTok from an early visit to the store below. 


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@tabletopmag More FLGS you say? Well why not! This is Fan Boy Three in Manchester! #boardgames #flgs ♬ original sound - Charlie @ Tabletop Gaming Mag

And if you've not bought your tickets to Tabletop Gaming Live yet, it's never been better value! Pick up yours using the link below, and we look forward to seeing you there. 

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Join us in person

The logo of Tabletop Gaming Live 2022

We can't wait for Tabletop Gaming Live 2022! An epic weekend in Manchester full of board games, card games, roleplaying games, wargames and more, with amazing exhibitors, great games, and an opportunity to game together in person.

See you there!

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