Grublin Games launches Perfect Crime Kickstarter

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02 June 2016
perfectcrime-70392.jpg Perfect Crime
Will you protect the bank or rob it blind?

Grublin Games has just launched the Kickstarter campaign for its new title: Perfect Crime. The target is set at £14,500 and so far it's making reasonable progress.

In Perfect Crime you play either as the security focused bank or as a crew of robbers trying to break into the Vault to steal the loot. As the bank, you'll build your bank, employ staff, assign guards to patrol routes, expand your bank and install security. Your goal is to construct an impregnable fortress to keep the valuables in your vault safe.

As the robber, you'll employ crew and equip them with the tools and plans they need to bypass, crack, expose, evade and generally defeat measures that the bank has put in place to thwart you. As you move through the bank your crew will generate suspicion which the bank will use to activate guards, upgrade their systems and most importantly, trigger alarms to call the Police. You will need find ways to bypass any installed security, but doing so will generate Evidence which determines the strength of the Police response.

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Perfect Crime is a game for 2-5 players, takes ~90 minutes to play and can be played in co-op (all the robbers working together against the bank), semi co-op (some of the robbers working together to rob the bank) or full competitive (kind of working together, but with the threat of doublecrossing each other) modes. You can see a video below:



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