Grab Tokaido’s iOS and Android app on the cheap in a new sale

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13 October 2017
tokaido_by_naiiade-d5j83tl-75317.png Tokaido
Digital version of 2012 hit launched on mobile earlier this year

Want a budget-friendly trip to see the beautiful sights of Japan? It might not quite be a pair of airplane tickets, but the next best thing is probably grabbing gorgeous exploration game Tokaido for just a couple of quid.

The 2012 game about taking a peaceful wander along the country’s beautiful east coast between Kyoto and Edo is currently on sale on iOS and Android, having launched on the digital platforms earlier this year.

You can nab the app for £2 for iPhone and iPad or slightly less on the Google Play store, down from £3.09 to £1.89.

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The digital edition includes solo play against AI, as well as pass-and-play and online multiplayer.

The sale is to celebrate 20,000 people having downloaded the app since March, and will run until next Wednesday, October 18th.


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