Gorgeous tile-placer Yamatai, co-designed by Five Tribes creator, out in the UK this March

18 January 2017
pic3357730_lg-13820.jpg Yamatai
Days of Wonder to publish title by Bruno Cathala and Marc Paquien

Days of Wonder has confirmed the UK release for Yamatai, the beautiful tile-placement game co-authored by 7 Wonders Duel and Five Tribes creator Bruno Cathala.

Cathala shares credit with first-time designer Marc Paquien for the game, which sees two to four players attempting to build the finest city in the titular far-eastern region and impress the ruling Queen Himiko by transporting resources and constructing buildings and monuments.

Each turn, the players choose a tile, collect their ships, chooses whether to buy or sell one of their vessels and then lays down the ship tiles, attempting to establish routes between the many islands and gather resources and money.

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Players can also exchange resources to hire specialists, which lend unique powers to help them build faster than their rivals.

A match takes around an hour, and the box comes stuffed with gorgeously illustrated components, including the main game board and 80 wooden boats.

Yamatai costs £50 and is due for release in the UK this March.


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