Give yourself 14 hours to save the Earth in the Flash Gordon RPG

22 November 2017
flash-gordon-poster-32364.jpg Flash Gordon
Sourcebook for Savage Worlds game system introduces Cliffhanger events

‘80s cult sci-fi movie Flash Gordon is coming to the tabletop as a roleplaying game based on the Savage Worlds system.

First announced a couple of years ago, The Savage World of Flash Gordon has just hit Kickstarter, where it’s quickly sailed past its £11,000 target.

Said to be based on a combination of the iconic OTT movie, serials and original comic strip created by Alex Raymond in the 1930s, the RPG has been written by Scott Woodard and requires a copy of the Savage Worlds core rules to play.

The game uses a modified version of the Savage Worlds game system, introducing a new rule known as the Cliffhanger: a custom token that is flipped by the group to earn a reward but also triggers a reaction event decided by the GM or a separate deck of Cliffhanger cards.

Another rule unique to the setting is Conviction, a modified version of Savage Rifts’ Extra Effort mechanic that allows players to add to one of their rolls by cashing in special ‘Bennies’ tokens.

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The rules include details on the worlds and universe of Flash Gordon, including more than 50 creatures from the series such as sharkons, wolvrons and bore worms.

The setting is explored further in the game’s first sourcebook, The Kingdoms of Mongo, which covers nine regions from Prince Barin's Arboria to the Ice Kingdom of Naquk and adds in extra monsters and Savage Tales.

The Savage World of Flash Gordon core book is up as a PDF or a limited edition hardcover through the crowdfunding campaign, with the digital edition due out in January and the physical run arriving around June. We assume the Queen soundtrack is optional.


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