Gen7’s first expansion Breaking Point turns the Crossroads co-op into a competitive game

20 November 2018
gen7-breaking-point-27624.jpg Gen7: Breaking Point
Also ups player count

Upcoming sci-fi co-op Gen7, the next Crossroads game to follow Dead of Winter, has had its first expansion detailed – and it looks set to shake things up significantly.

Breaking Point introduces a fifth ‘barracks’ for Gen7’s main campaign, letting another person take control of the Logistics department onboard the drifting colony ship.

The expansion’s most interesting addition, though, is a new optional scenario that changes the co-op game into a competitive format. A sixth barracks, Security, means that the head-to-head scenario can be played with up to six players.

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The competitive scenario takes place after Gen7’s main storyline – the only story details given so far is that the barracks have ended up in competition, and one must come out on top.

Breaking Point is due out in early 2019, with a price tag of $40 (£31) in the US. Gen7 itself is set for release “soon”, with publisher Plaid Hat having revealed its $100 (£78) RRP.


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