Ganz Schön Clever sequel and Quacks of Quedlinburg expansion on the way

14 January 2019
doppelt-so-clever-06164.jpg Doppelt so Clever
Slew of 2019 releases from designer Wolfgang Warsch announced

Wolfgang Warsch had a busy 2018. The designer was nominated three times across last year’s prestigious Spiel des Jahres and Kennerspiel des Jahres awards, ultimately winning the Expert Game of the Year prize for his bag-builder The Quacks of Quedlinburg.

Meanwhile, he left players in a tizzy with his divisive Spiel des Jahres-nominated social card game The Mind and had us all counting dice in Kennerspiel-nominated roll-and-write hit Ganz Schön Clever.

2019 already looks to be just as crammed for Warsch, with the reveal of a follow-up to Ganz Schön Clever, Doppelt so Clever (‘Double so clever’), the first expansion for Quacks of Quedlinburg and a new game called Die Tavernen im Tiefen Thal (‘The Tavern of the Deep Valley’) from Quacks publisher Schmidt.

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According to BoardGameGeek, Doppelt so Clever adds a new action to the options of Ganz Schön Clever, but otherwise keeps the core loop of rolling and keeping dice to fill out colour-specific rows for points and abilities.

The Quacks of Quedlinburg: Die Kräuterhexen, meanwhile, introduces bits for a fifth player, plus ingredients and books inspired by its ‘herbal witches’.

Lastly, Die Tavernen im Tiefen Thal sees players attracting visitors to their drinking hole by carefully picking dice and crafting their individual decks of cards. The game includes five different gameplay modules to customise the level of difficulty.

With the promise of more games from one of last year’s hottest designers, Warsch already looks set to be one of 2019’s talking points too.


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