Games Workshop’s new miniatures reveals from UKGE

05 June 2019
EXPO-May30-Enforcers2-5fds-69754.jpg Games Workshop’s new miniatures reveals from UKGE
Something to crow about

Another UKGE has come and gone, and it brought some new reveals from the big G-and-W with it. This year, we’ve got policemen and cultists and elves – oh my! 

The first reveal is for Necromunda, bringing us new a new law enforcement faction called the Palanite Enforcers. Based on the Enforcers from the original Necromunda game, this box of 10 figures will come with a range of weapons including shock batons, grenades, sniper rifles, revolvers, drum-fed shotguns and bolters. The helmets look rather a lot like those belonging to some of the Primaris marines, though personally I think it’s a bit of a shame they didn’t stick with the ‘not-Judge Dread’ look of the original metal Adeptus Arbites. Still, you could still probably growl ‘I am the Law!’ every time your score a hit. 

Next up is another faction for the upcoming ‘Warcry’ game. Warcry is an Age of Sigmar game that pits a number of Chaos cults against one another as they embark across the Mortal Realms on an unholy pilgrimage. These lot are the Corvus Cabal, also known as the Dreaded Featherbrains or The Flying Rodents (alas, not really). In case the subtle hint in the name didn’t give it way, these guys are all about them thar crows.

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Speaking of Chaos, Blackstone Fortress is getting an expansion called ‘Escalation’. This one features some new cultists wielding heavy weapons and led by a literal firebrand. The Imperium is also getting some new figures, including a plastic version of the old Witch Hunter Crusader model. 


Lastly, the Wood Elves are stepping onto the pitch in Bloodbowl. The miniatures are apparently coming with a range of head and face options, mixing the classic look of the older miniatures with some of the features from there Age of Sigmar Sylvaneth incarnation.  


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