31 October 2022
The full range of classic small box masterpieces will be available at your FLGS for the first time

Oink! Games are a little elusive to UK gamers, being either difficult to find, or only available at shows, these small box games like Deep Sea Adventure and the Spiel Des Jahres nominated Scout win over our hearts but don’t often end up in our hands.


Thanks to Hachette Board Games UK however, Oink! games will be available in the UK at your friendly local games store – as early as next week.


The board game distributor has made a deal with the publisher of Town 66 and Nine Tiles Panic to distribute approximately 20 games from the range. We believe this will account for the full range of Oink games in English.


For some titles, like Town 66, this will be the first time that it will be widely available in the UK at retail.


More Oink:



Flavien Loisier of Hachette Games UK offered this statement on the exciting new partnership:

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“We are super excited to now agree this partnership with Toby & the team at Oink Games. We have already had incredible support both from retail this year but also, from our direct contact with the gaming community at shows like UK Games Expo, where we were so grateful to have picked up three Major awards, Airecon and TableTop Gaming Live and the demand would always be there for Oink titles if we had them, especially Deep-Sea Adventure, A Fake Artist Goes to New York and the incredible Scout, which has this year been nominated in the prestigious Spiel Des Jahres awards”.


To get hold of these games the very best way is to get in touch with your local games store and ask them to order you copies of the games you want to get in.


Hachette Board Games UK have been expanding their range of games they supply to friendly local game stores over the last couple of years. The company has brought the likes of Gigamic’s wooden games to a wider UK audience and introduced us to the French hit machine, Studio H.

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