Free-to-play Dobble app out on iOS and Android

03 July 2017
screen696x696-09742.jpg Dobble Duel
Includes online multiplayer and in-game purchases

Phone! Finger! Screen! Purple hand! We’ve spotted them all, which can mean only one thing: Dobble has arrived on mobile.

Dobble Duel is the digital version of the fast-paced match-spotting hit and follows the same simply gameplay setup of its tabletop predecessor – players race to spot a pair of identical symbols on two circular cards and shout out (or in this case, tap) the winning couple.

The base app is free-to-play, and comes with online multiplayer, five themed arenas, nine characters and a selection of powers to mix things up.

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Extra rewards such as arenas and symbols can be unlocked through play, with in-app purchases a faster way of gaining new cards for characters and powers – as you can imagine, prices for the virtual goods range from a couple of pounds up to almost £100.

There are worldwide leaderboards to decide once and for all who the greatest Dobbler (Dobblist? Dobblin?) is.

Dobble Duel is out on iOS and Android now – if you’re in the US, you’ll find it under its original name of Spot It!


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