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30 April 2020
What if Harry didn’t have Hermione saving him all the time, and had to face Voldemort alone?

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle is one of those games that surprised us in our review of it. Harry Potter games in the past have previously been notorious for a cash grab at a movie tie in, and the success stories have been few and far between. Whilst our expectations perhaps weren’t high for Hogwarts Battle, our review labelled it ‘magical’, and a great gateway into gaming.


Great news then in that case, that The Op have provided a set of rules to play the game single player! The standard game supports 2 – 4 players, but it’s difficult to get your friends round to play a game when there’s no idea of when lockdown will end at the moment. This way, you get to appreciate a great game in a stay-home-friendly way. Or if you just don’t fancy being around people, which is equally valid.


Starting out as a solo witch or wizard may seem daunting for this card builder game, but the designer Kami has set out some straightforward changes to be had. You’ll play the same stories, but some spells have been removed, and some additional dice rolls created. There are even options to continue with the expansions, by removing some further cards. In order to win the game, you must defeat Lord Voldemort before he gains control of all the Locations. Simple right?


The Op seems to be powering through at the moment, from Risk: Warhammer 40,000, to The Batman Who Laughs Rising, and to the popular Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle. They’re certainly brightening up the current gloom with some new favourites!


You can find the rules to play solo mode over on the Op’s website.

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