Free RPG Day Is This Weekend

15 October 2021
Did we mention FREE?

If you're at a loss for what to do this weekend, don't panic, we've got you covered. Free RPG Day is Saturday 16th October 2021 (tomorrow), and there's a number of UK stores participating. 

Free RPG Day is an event that takes place in over 500 tabletop stores across the world, with free exclusive content for a number of tabletop roleplaying games such as new adventures, quick start guides, and accessories. With a whole host of publishers taking part, this may be your easy way into both a great day, and a new RPG. 

Shops worldwide will be giving away plenty of free promotional goodies from RPG publishers – the rules of the event state that at least one item must be freely available just for asking, while others might be rewarded for participating in other ways depending on the shop.

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Taking part this year are Paizo, Cubicle 7, Goodman Games, Mantic, Pegasus Spiele, CMON, and more, as well as accessories from the likes of Q Workshop and Sirius Dice. You can see the full list and sneak peeks on their website

Been wanting to try out Steamforged's Epic Encounters? Modiphius' Dune: Adventures in the Imperium? Privateer Press' Iron Kingdoms? That's where Free RPG Day can help. Check in with your local game store for any events and specifics. 

Free RPG Day will take place on Saturday, with confirmed stores taking part below:

  • 4th Planet Games
  • AFK Gaming Ltd
  • AlXchange It!
  • Beanie Games Limited
  • Blackwell Ltd (Edinburgh South Bridge)
  • Boardnerds
  • Bus Stop Toy Shop (Largs)
  • Candlekeep
  • CGC Emporium
  • Comics Games & Coffee Winchester
  • Clan Shots Photography
  • Cooper Games Ltd
  • Counter Culture Games
  • Entoyment Ltd
  • Fan Boy Three Ltd
  • Firestorm Cards
  • Forbidden Planet (Dublin)
  • Chaos Cards Tabletop Gaming Store
  • Galleon Games
  • The Gamers' Emporium Ltd
  • The Gameskeeper
  • Gamepark
  • Geek Retreat Leeds
  • Geek Retreat Wirral
  • Geek Retreat Nottingham
  • Geek Retreat Chelmsford
  • Geek Retreat Motherwell
  • Geek Retreat (London)
  • Geek Retreat Glasgow
  • Geek Retreat Bournemouth
  • Geek Retreat Southampton
  • Geek Retreat Stranraer
  • Geek Retreat St Helens
  • Tabletop Tyrant
  • Geek Retreat (Bradford)
  • Griffins Gaming
  • Grim Dice Tabletop Gaming Ltd
  • Kingdom Gaming
  • Knightly Gaming
  • Langden Games
  • The Ludoquist Ltd
  • Mystic Games Ltd
  • Not Just Books Limited
  • Oblivion Games
  • Patriot Games Limited
  • PlayAONE
  • Proud Lion Comics and Games
  • Red Dice Games
  • The Rift (UK)
  • Settlers
  • Shadeglass Games Ltd
  • Spectrum Gaming
  • T2dah Ltd
  • The Games Shop
  • The Comic Shop
  • Too Fat Goblinz
  • Total Cards Ltd
  • Travelling Man Ltd (Leeds)
  • Travelling Man Ltd (York)
  • Travelling Man Ltd (Newcastle)
  • Travelling Man Ltd (Manchester)
  • TM0309 Mallett & Son Ltd
  • Lost Ark Games Limited
  • Wild Ways
  • Wonderland Retro
  • Zatu Limited

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