Free League Publishing Announce Vaesen for Pre-order

16 July 2020
The Nordic horror RPG you didn't know you needed

Free League Publishing are powerhouses for roleplaying games, from Alien RPG to Tales from the Loop RPG, we're always keeping one eye on what's coming next. Today, the RPG coming next is that of Vaesen – Nordic Horror Roleplaying. 

Much like Tales from the Loop was inspired by the art and work of Simon Stålenhag, Vaessen is inspired by illustrator and author Johan Egerkrans, and this offers a new and exciting take on gothic folklore horror with a unique nordic twist. Also like Tales from the Loop, the same writer is responsible - Nils Hintze, which just adds to the excitement for this one. 

You may recognise this game from the earlier Kickstarter, successfully funded last year with around 4,000 backers, but if you missed it, the game sees you step into the role of investigators in the 19th century and in the mythic north. Born with sight, you can see what others cannot, and you'll use this to uncover secrets as you progress. 

This is a land where the myths are real. While a new civilisation dawns, the old ways still lurk in the countryside, and the fear remains for what may be hiding in the shadows. 

Pre-orders are open for this, which give you the option to purchase the book itself for £37.71, with a PDF downloads provided. There are also options for a GM Screen and Map, Dice, custom card deck, and even a bundle of all of these. There is also a limited edition of the core rulebook available with a cloth cover and gold foil, at a price of £67.17. There's not long to wait, as this'll be out on July 28th 2020.



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