Founders of Gloomhaven Kickstarter falls back to May as reprint of original game splits off

16 March 2017
pic3268237_lg-86971.jpg Founders of Gloomhaven
Designer Isaac Childres says decision ‘is for the best’ to avoid ‘rushing this game out the door’

Founders of Gloomhaven, Isaac Childres’ upcoming prequel to his epic legacy title Gloomhaven, has had its crowdfunding campaign delayed as a result of the impending reprint of the original game.

Childres had previously announced that the Founders of Gloomhaven Kickstarter would launch in February and include the chance to re-order the new wave of Gloomhaven, following the game’s sell-out success after it raised $386,000 on the platform back in 2015.

Now, the designer has said that the Founders of Gloomhaven campaign will kick off in May, while the reprint of Gloomhaven will take place separately beforehand and include the dial and rulebook updates.

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“It became obvious to me that, because I wanted to combine this project with the reprint of Gloomhaven, we were rushing this game out the door to accommodate the needs of that reprint,” he wrote on BoardGameGeek. “In the end, it wasn't working for me, so I've decided to split the two projects.

“The reprint for Gloomhaven will go ahead as scheduled and the Kickstarter for Founders of Gloomhaven will launch afterward, ideally some time in May. Sorry for the delay, but I think it is for the best.”

Founders of Gloomhaven is a competitive worker placement title set hundreds of years before Gloomhaven’s co-op legacy adventure adventure takes place. The game’s release is planned for before Gen Con in August.


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