Founder of Miniature Wargames Magazine Duncan Macfarlane has Passed Away

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04 June 2021
Words from the editor of Miniature Wargames on the sad news of the death of its founder

"It is with great sadness that we at Miniature Wargames have heard the news of the death of its original founder, Duncan Macfarlane.

Duncan – an ex-Games Workshop manager – started the magazine in 1983 and produced it for the first four years, acting as both photographer and editor, advertising manager and.. well everything else.

I came across him on more than one occasion delivering magazines in London by hand to a wargaming shop!

He introduced quality photography to the hobby with his shots of painting luminaries of the period and produced a magazine which – even from issue one with its ‘free sci-fi board game’ tag on the front cover – embraced the whole hobby. His talents even extended into appearances on TV to promote wargaming.

After parting ways with Miniature Wargames, he then went on to do something unheard of: he produced a new wargames magazine – Wargames Illustrated – and both now stand as testaments to his love of the hobby.

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There will be a piece about his life in the next issue of Miniature Wargames."


John Treadaway

Editor of Miniature Wargames

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