Former Watch Dogs producer launches debut board game V-Commandos

23 January 2017
V-Commandos_8753-00907.jpg V-Commandos
Inaugural release from Thibaud de la Touanne’s Triton Noir is a tactical WWII co-op title

Triton Noir, the fledgling tabletop publisher founded by former video game producer Thibaud de la Touanne, has released its first title.

De la Touanne worked as a producer and project manager at a number of video game developers for 20 years, including as associate producer on Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs, before leaving in 2013 to start Triton Noir.

The publisher raised CA$86,947 (£52,566) for the creation of V-Commandos on Kickstarter at the end of 2014, originally planning the game’s launch for November 2015, before pushing the release to this year.

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V-Commandos is a one- to four-player co-op title set during World War II, with players placed in the boots of the titular squad sent behind enemy lines to carry out missions in Nazi-occupied Europe.

Players take on key roles in the group, such as medic, scout and officer, and work together to achieve objectives ranging from blowing up a bunker to capturing German officers.

The base game is £55, with the Secret Weapons and Resistance expansions both costing £41.


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