Flash Point: Fire Rescue to heat up mobile and PC next year

19 October 2016
House2-65695.png Two houses and eight fire-fighters will be included in the iOS and PC version
Digital version of game will include online multiplayer and two houses

Here’s a bit of hot news: Indie Board and Card’s co-operative fire-fighting hit Flash Point: Fire Rescue is being adapted into a digital version.

The crowdfunded game originally came out five years ago and puts players in the boots of firefighters working together to rescue up to 10 victims from a burning building before the fire consumes them or the structure collapses.

In order to do so, players can extinguish the flames, escort trapped people outside and perform other special actions on their turn. An expert mode added the challenge of fire flash overs, combustible materials, randomised setups and other difficulty-increasing variants.

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South African studio RetroEpic Software has announced that its version of the game for iOS and PC will stick close to the formula of the tabletop original.

The digital edition of Flash Point will include solo and online multiplayer game modes, two houses to rescue victims from, animated artwork and eight different fire-fighters with unique skills.

Flash Point: Fire Rescue is due out on iOS and PC sometime next year.


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