Five Indie Games to Check Out at Tabletop Gaming Live 2022

06 September 2022
There’s been an indie games boom over the last few years, and here’s some of our favourites to see at the show

There are masses of exhibitors at Tabletop Gaming Live 2022, and you're not going to want to miss a moment of it! From huge publishers to indie creators, there's plenty to see. We've popped just a small few below for you to keep an eye out for on the day...

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Naylor Games brings us their cheeky take on the entire industry. The game sees players take on the role of a game designer who is attempting to make the three defining games of their career. Players have to explain what mix of mechanics and art has gone into their game for points. Each card has individual art, with reference to a game in the industry – can you spot all of the easter eggs?

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Now with its own starter set Moonstone has come of age. Head over and check out the skirmish game about fighting while trying to mine game-winning resources. On top of this the Brian Froud inspired miniatures are incredible – and you’re unlikely to see them painted this well anywhere else.


Indie dicemancers Critical Kit released the corvidian solo roleplaying game Be Like A Crow earlier this year with its own very lovely deck of cards. Using this deck you’ll be generating your adventures from the sky as well as trying to orchestrate those dangerous visits to the ground level. One worth taking a birds eye view of at least.


Surprised Stare Games might have been around for a long time, but their small box games of conflict offer up a bigger punch that their little boxes suggest. Alan Paull, the company’s owner is also the man behind bringing Kingmaker back to life, offering a modern twist on that historical classic.


Hatchling games have made a name for themselves with their ‘roleplaying games that will teach you sign language’ – and Inspirisles is the culmination of years of work on the subject. A game that’s designed to encourage storytelling, empathy and deaf awareness makes this a great one to see face to face.

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