First Mansions of Madness 2e boxed expansion will go Beyond the Threshold

12 October 2016
mad23_box_left-63779.png Beyond the Threshold is the second edition's first boxed add-on
Two investigators, one monster and two scenarios included in set

It looks like Fantasy Flight has no plans to stop releasing Lovecraftian horrors upon the world, as the publisher has just announced the first boxed add-on for Mansions of Madness Second Edition.

Separate to the first DLC scenario teased a few days ago, Beyond the Threshold will be a full retail release including new components, plus two investigators, a creature and two original scenarios.

Handyman Wilson Richards and shaman Akachi Onyele are the character newcomers, while the Thrall will be the latest creature to join the game, complete with a horrifying-looking miniature. Seriously, go see a doctor sharpish if your arm is six foot long with claws.

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The first new scenario is The Gates of Silverwood Manor, a mystery involving a series of disappearances. This is followed by Vengeful Impulses, which takes place during a dinner with suspicious guests, Agatha Christie-style.

Beyond the Threshold will be out early next year, with the previously announced DLC scenario for the companion app filling the gap this winter.


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